26 Nov

Starting off, huge Far Cry fan starting from the very first on PC, where it was heavily new and reminded me of DOOM, to where I fell in love with it all over again for Playstation3 with Far Cry 2.

Far Cry – Limited game with features of old age, however it is classic for the time.

Far Cry 2 – It introduced various things such as Mercenary help, and of course the swarms of enemies coming at you almost out number the malaria infested mosquitoes. The never ending swarms and battle for survival against all odds with limited ammo and backup, this brings you an adventure in Africa.

Far Cry 3- It introduced so many new mechanics such as mystical features to level up skills, follow the mystical crazy struggle to survive on a island with so many hidden features and secrets. This Far Cry besides being my favorite, brings you so much to the game, side missions that never seem to end, harvesting and hunting, hits. Only issues are the enemy you fight for 90% of the game isn’t the final enemy and once you defeat him the game starts to go off the rails even further and the ending choices aren’t the best.

Far Cry 4 – It seems a lot like a simple Far Cry 3 reboot, expect less water, more mountains, more mystical insane adventures and culture. With all that aside the story line is solid compared to most with a demented enemy through the game remaining.The most fun part about this game is the elephants, nothing like riding one into combat.

Far Cry Primal- Let’s face it, this is a very quick thrown together game old school weapon style, with very mythical adventures again and limited story line options. The extinct animals and crafting are massive key attractions to this game that actually make it well worth playing.

Far Cry 5 – America!, That sums this game the most, one single word. It’s limited system with various changes that bring a new part, and they’ve taken out the mystical crazy culture aspect replacing it with religious enemy. Over all if you want to shoot a semi machine gun while screaming America! and doing some insane stunts this game suits you. Limited weaponry, repetitive actions for team mates, lack of true story line, just mission, mission, mission. The drawing point is instead of skill tree to level up, you must complete tasks to earn points and you can individually learn skills instead of following a select path.

Blood Dragon – Didn’t really add much on the add-on segments, they were all great on their own, as mini individual games.

Will be updated further over time.

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