27 Dec

Remember in the very first video games and even to current video games these days how when you kill a monster or enemy you get loot drops, well this will be a grab bag essentially with a few tweaks.

2 Options,

Option 1 – Single Loot Drop, this can be in 3 types. 1. Small, Medium, Large

Option 2- Monthly Loot Drop, this comes in 2 types, Large & Mega.

Small 1-3 items.

Medium 1-5 items

Large 1-10 items

Mega 5-10 items


Monthly loot drops will include a script explaining how you are traveling through areas conquering them and about your spoils. In short it’s products with a small story attached to give it that little bit of extra joy.

All loot drops are non-refundable

Loot drops can be anything from items currently on site as a necklace or keychain to manga, anime collector’s dvd box set, entire figure collections. Regardless what arrives, it will be worth what you paid and then some.

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