Our Products FAQ

Why are there limited amounts such as 1qty-2-qty-5qty?

We get unique products much like a sampler dish at a restaurant we can only get so much of the product at one time, but it allows a great selection to choose from.

Why is some of the boxes,container, etc off or weird?

Most of our product is purchased through LTO manufactures, *Limited Time Only*, Meaning there's a limited selection time for purchasing as well as some of the products may be extra product created, but they didn't have enough boxing so it's placed in whatever container they have.

Why some of your products are only available through you or different then others?

We purchase misprint, extra, LTO, custom items from manufactures meaning there's 10 variations for the large stores and they have 3-4 extra variations which we purchase, some are also special items made for events or items that wouldn't pass the primary warehouse inspections, but still a solid product.

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